What is BLOKO?

BLOKO is a unique service intended for appless solutions, among others, with the use of BLE, iBeacons or WiFi. It functions like a bridge between backend systems and the world of wireless devices. Having its working system based on a constant scanning, it constitutes a great tool to build your own systems and applications. BLOKO may be used in order to:

  • monitor surroundings with integrated external sensors
  • construct alarm and central control systems
  • track people, vehicles, shipments and other objects
  • build heat maps and detect dead zones
  • record goods, stocks or even working time

These are only some examples of using BLOKO as an integral part of a system. However, we are ready to support you in other fields and customize our BLOKO to any kind of your integration. Please contact us directly to find out how we can support your project.

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Shopping centers

Shopping centers

Public transport

Public transport

Equipment rentals

Equipment rentals





The main advantage of the BLOKO system is its flexibility. You are not obliged to use a ready solution, as we only deliver a data gathering tool, which may be used in any way you choose. Let the examples you find on this website be an inspiration for you.

Easy installation

All you need to do in order to install our BLOKO system is to supply it with electricity. Our device is characterized by a small-sized housing with handles enabling for its easy installation. This way, it is needless to interfere with the existing infrastructure.


Thanks to the use of a network architecture our system is not limited by the number of nodes. What is more, adding further elements to the network is very easy. You simply turn on a device, configure it within a few minutes and enjoy its functionality.


Our devices may send data in a few ways, which spreads the scope of their usability in your installations. Apart from a standard network connection, BLOKO system nodes are equipped with a WiFi communication module and a 3G/LTE modem.


The mechanisms and communication protocols we used ensure security and anonymity of the data sent and stored both in system nodes and on a central server.

Outdoor use

Upon customer’s request, our BLOKO system may be delivered in a housing resistant to weather conditions. It allows for using it outdoor and in places with a high risk of humidity, dust and low temperature.

Remote control

Data gathered through BLOKO system nodes can be read in two ways. Access to them is possible both from a server gathering the regularly sent data and directly from nodes through HTTP requests. Furthermore, it is possible to remotely define parameters concerning the scanning time and a server address to which information about the detected BLE devices is to be sent.

High level support

Should you face any obstacles or come up with an idea how to expand BLOKO functionality, please do not wait any longer to contact us. We will be more than happy to provide you with fast and qualified assistance and technical support.

Simple integration

The whole process of system creation was based on an assumption that our system should be extremely easy to use for developers integrating BLOKO with their solutions. For this purpose, we deliver an intuitive REST API and willingly prepare it for every individual use.



One of the possible uses of BLOKO is for BLE tag heatmapping. We have placed 4 BLOKO gateways and a BLE tag in our office in Lublin to show you how it works. BLOKOs are located on the walls on different sides of one room and the BLE tag is laid on

  • 23 January 2017

Try BLOKO for free!

New Year has come and brought new possibilities! We have started the promotion of our appless usage of iBeacon technology and we search for implementarion partners. This is the only time you can borrow our eqipment for tests free of charge.

  • 10 January 2017


We have just recorded a short video presenting one of the possible uses of our BLOKO device. Check it out and see how it works!

  • 12 December 2016



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