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Intelligent sensor systems

BLOKO Sensor Platform is a complex solution for controlling processes that are vital for your business. It’s a unique combination of advanced technology (e.g. FBG sensors), convenience and functionality.

Our sensors are small-sized, easy to install and remarkably resistant to difficult conditions, such as exposure to high or low temperatures and chemicals. They are wireless and they don’t require external power supply.

Data (collected by the sensors) is processed by a dedicated system and you can access it conveniently at any time and from any place – all you need is an Internet connection and a computer or a mobile device.

The sensor systems that we offer are designed i.a. for:

  • food industry – quality control in production processes, during transportation and storage
  • logistics – remote monitoring of conditions in storehouses and during shipment (both by land and by sea), possibility to adjust key parameters
  • agriculture – mapping soil types, monitoring their condition
  • retail – measurements and analysis of human flow and behaviour
  • smart cities – managing traffic and resources, ensuring safety

Choose one of these options or order a tailor-made system just for your company:


Our solutions

Brewing industry

Brewing industry

Modern brewing requires constant and precise analysis of liquids’ parameters, especially pH level and sugar concentration. They determine the pace of production processes and the final flavor of a beverage. We offer a solution that allows for continuous monitoring of these key parameters – 24 hours a day.

Production of other alcohols

Production of other alcohols

Likewise, sugar concentration and pH level play vital roles during the production of other alcohols. Not only does the proper control of these parameters improve the flavour of a drink, but it also influences the efficiency of production lines. Our systems provide information and reports that are necessary for that.

Fruit storage and transportation

Fruit storage and transportation

Our sensors can measure temperature and ethylene concentration during storage and shipment (both by land and by sea) of fresh fruit. Combining them with ethylene dispensers and absorbents allows for controlling the speed of ripening processes and for reducing the risk of deterioration. All of this can be done remotely.

Other vulnerable goods

Other vulnerable goods

Temperature and humidity sensors are perfect for monitoring products or resources, that are sensitive to conditions. These parameters can be measured in a constant manner, both in storehouses and during transportation (even at long distances). The system operates remotely, giving you easy access to the gathered data.

Dairy industry

Dairy industry

In case of fermented milk products, precise control of temperature and pH level is the key to high quality and appropriate shelf life. Our sensors can monitor these parameters continuously during different stages of the production process. Additionally, they can also measure the flow of liquid substances.



Wireless, durable and battery-powered sensors can constantly monitor soil condition. The system helps to determine soil type and to map the available area. It also sends out notifications when fertilization becomes necessary. Appropriate casings protect the sensors from mechanical damage and humidity.



Understanding how customers behave and what paths they use inside a store, a shopping or an exhibition center allows for improving customer service, adjusting the displays and – subsequently – for increasing profits. OCKO – one of our systems, is designed exactly for such purposes. Find out more:

Smart city solutions & ITS

Smart city solutions & ITS

True understanding of how pedestrians and vehicles move across a city, ability to monitor infrastructure, provide safety and manage resources in an efficient way – these are just some of many benefits of using sensor-based smart city products. Our systems bring advanced technology to everyday life in agglomerations.

How does it work?

In our systems, we implemented latest technologies and developments, such as optical fiber sensors with Bragg grating.

Advantages of BLOKO sensor platform


Our sensors can measure different parameters, i.a. temperature, humidity, pH level, force. You can choose from a wide range of functions and create sensor combinations that best suit your business.

Easy installation

BLOKO sensors are small-sized and can run on batteries. Placing them in almost any space is simple. All they need to operate is an access to the Internet.


Regardless of the size of your business, BLOKO is the best choice. The number of sensors and terminals that we recommend for you, depends on your company’s needs and the characteristics of your business.


Our devices can operate wirelessly by using WiFi or Bluetooth technology. Due to that, all data collected by the sensors can be transmitted and analysed continuously.


The mechanisms and communication protocols we use ensure security and anonymity of transmitted and stored data. No one, except for you and authorized people, will have access to the gathered information.


BLOKO sensors are highly resistant to external conditions. With appropriate casings, they can be used outdoors or in an aquatic environment. The sensors can even cope with strong chemicals.

Remote control

After installation, the sensors operate without direct supervision. Therefore they can be used in fairly unapproachable places or during shipment. You can always access the system and the collected data via the Internet.

Simple integration

While designing BLOKO we decided, that our systems should be flexible and easy to set up in any company. Consequently, we offer functional solutions, that you can very conveniently and quickly introduce to your business.

High level support

We guarantee appropriate technical support at every stage. Should you face any obstacles while using BLOKO or come up with an idea concerning the platform’s functionalities - don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to help and to answer every question.


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